A modern IT Ops platform for the digital enterprise

Option A: Service Ops Advisor enables you to easily visualize what’s happening in and around the apps and services you support.

  • Create an end-to-end view of apps and their connections to neighboring systems
  • Get a big-picture view never available to your team before
  • Automatically correlate real-time operational data in a unified workspace
  • Personalize your data view on-the-fly to see what's relevant
  • Pinpoint root cause in minutes - quickly identify the right resources to call

Option B: Service Ops Advisor pinpoints IT problems so you can solve them faster

  • Correlate real-time operational data from multiple tools
  • Triage, investigate, an pinpoint root cause in minutes
  • Record important events so you can be proactively notified in the future
  • Manage your application and infrastructure components in an easy to use and maintain IT ops workspace

Why Service Ops Advisor?

Service Advisor correlates all of your existing operational data transforming it into actionable information in once place.

  • Dynamic search on integrated data – no more swiveling between multiple tools or running separate reports, or calling others to determine what’s going on
  • Surface and diagnose critical issues in real-time often buried in the noise of hundreds of alerts
  • Clearly see true business-impacting events
  • Traverse across upstream and downstream applications to identify related issues that impact your app
  • Use the mobile app to troubleshoot problems from anywhere, on any device when issues arise outside of business hours
  • Quickly build out a two tier application service or leverage existing discovered data - bring in in bulk big components of your infrastructure
  • Implement in days instead of weeks and resolve problems in minutes instead of hours

Get started in 3 simple steps?

  • Load core applications that are critical to the business. Create apps directly in Service Advisor or load them from a system of record like a CMDB.
  • Connect critical components or hosts a fast and intuitive configurable import feature.
  • Correlate virtually any operational data to Service Advisor using our open API or pre-built integrations, including, databases, service desk ticketing, transaction data, app logs, ITSM data, system and network monitoring.

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