Welcome to PuzzleLogic!

We're very excited to launch our new website and our new product…Service Advisor! We hope that our message about better IT ops, or more accurately IT service ops, resonates with you. Based on our interactions with many customers, prospects, and interested partners, the operational issues of keeping mission critical applications up and running optimally are as challenging as ever.

We believe that this is due to three primary reasons:

1.     Application complexity and pace of change

2.     "Everything is connected to everything"

3.     Too much data and not enough meaningful information

PuzzleLogic Service Advisor addresses these issues by providing users the ability to make sense of it all, to triage and investigate complex application issues, and to identify and pinpoint where the problem resides in order to resolve the issue faster.

Our solution takes a unique approach to these challenges and does not provide you with “just another dashboard.” It is meant to be a straight-forward, ease-to-use investigation solution... something that gets you back to sleep faster when an issue arises at 2am!

We hope that you give it a try, are surprised at how easy and useful Service Advisor is for your teams, and become a raving fan.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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